Graduate Advising

Graduate Programs

All graduate students will be assigned a faculty advisor. The purpose of advising is two-fold: (a) to provide professional guidance, and (b) to assist in academic course selection. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to define and discuss professional aspirations and are required to consult with their advisor about course selection to ensure that the departmental requirements of their program will be met.

To facilitate the process of advising, use this Pre-Advising form (PDF) before meeting with your advisor.

Graduate Program Advisors

Building LeadershipDr. Michael Rettig

District Leadership: Dr. Michael Rettig 

Reading Specialist: Dr. Carlson

Adaptive Special Education:

K-6: Dr. Michael Rettig

6-12: Dr. Gloria Dye

Educational Technology :

Dr. David Pownell

Licensure Officer: Ms Tara Porter