Nall Speak Off

Spring 2016 Nall Speak Off Results

Spring 2016 Nall Speak Off Finalists

From left to right: Xinyue He- "Frozen Face", Nianze Zhou- "Globalization", Dante Oversby- "Types of Motivation", Katy Evenson- "Palindrome", Mr. Robert Nall, Ray White- "Comanche", and Casey Keatley- "Concussions Dr. Bennett Omalu"

Finalists for this semester's competition are listed below in their respective order of placing and with their respective topics:

Xinyue He-- "Frozen Face"

Nianze Zhou-- "Globalization"

Dante Oversby-- "Types of Motivation"

Katy Evenson-- "Palindrome"

Ray White-- "Comanche"

Casey Keatley-- "Concussions Dr. Bennett Omalu"