Nall Speak Off

Spring 2015 Nall Speak Off Results

spring 2015 nall speak off finalists

From left to right: Mary Johnson- "Autism", Kayla Dillenbeck- "Concentration Camps", Makayla Vargo- "Childhood Obesity", Mr. Robert Nall, Dane Anderson- "3D Printers", Zoe Stewart- "Citric Acid & Frogs", and Chen Chen- "Chinese Forced Marriage"

Finalists for this semester's competition are listed below in their respective order of placing and with their respective topics:

Chen Chen-- "Chinese Forced Marriage"

Dane Anderson-- "3D Printers"

Zoe Stewart-- "Citric Acid & Frogs"

Mary Johnson-- "Autism"

Makayla Vargo-- "Childhood Obesity"

Kayla Dillenbeck-- "Concentration Camps