Chemistry Scholarships - Freshmen

Qualification Criteria

Scholarship recipients will be selected from those applicants who satisfy the criteria listed below.

  1. A "B" average in all completed high school work.
  2. A "B" average in all completed college work for transfer students.
  3. A combined ACT score of 25 or above.

Scholarship recipients are expected to declare a major in chemistry, enroll in CH 151 or higher numbered chemistry course, and participate in the Chemistry Club and other departmental activities requiring student involvement. Half of the scholarship is awarded for the first semester at Washburn, with the remainder awarded at the beginning of the spring semester, with the expectation the chemistry course is passed with a grade of "B" or better.

Fill out the form below or download Scholarship Application for Incoming Freshmen

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High School GPA: College GPA:
Math ACT:
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Combined ACT:
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Please write a paragraph outlining your academic goals at Washburn University and your career goals thereafter. Include any other information which you think may be relevant to the selection process.

In addition to submitting the application form, you must also send a copy of your high school and college (if applicable) transcripts. A letter of support from your most recent chemistry teacher or guidance counselor may be helpful but is not required.

Please send application form, transcript(s), and letter of support to:

Dr. Stephen Angel
Department of Chemistry
Washburn University
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621

All application materials must be received by Feb. 28, 2017.