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Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

[Students interested in the Pre-Pharmacy program should also consider pursuing the A.A. degree in Laboratory Science.]

The following requirements and recommendations are for the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy admission requirements. Other schools require essentially the same courses, but inquiry should be made by the junior year to ensure compliance.

First Year

Fall Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 151  Fundamentals of Chemistry I  5
BI 102  General Cellular Biology  5
EN 101  Freshman Composition  3
---  General Studies  3

Spring Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 152  Fundamentals of Chemistry II  5
BI 250  Introduction to Human Anatomy  3
MA 141  Applied Calculus I  3
AN 112 Cultural Anthropology 3
---  General Studies  3*

Second Year

Fall Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 340  Organic Chemistry I  3
CH 342  Organic Chemistry Lab I  2
BI 301  General Microbiology  4
EN ---  Course in Literature or EN 300 Junior Composition  3
MA 140 Statistics 3
---  General Studies  3*

Spring Semester

Course Number  Course  Credit Hours
CH 341  Organic Chemistry II  5
CH 343  Organic Chemistry Lab II  2
BI 255  Human Physiology  4
CN 150 Public Speaking 3
---  General Studies  3

* In order to reduce the course load during the regular semesters, students should consider taking some of the general studies courses in the summer.

Other Requirements

  1. College Algebra (MA 116) or two years of high school algebra with a grade of B or better.
  2. Introduction to Physics (PS 101) or a high school physics course with a grade of B or better.

General Studies

In addition to the 12 hours of English, communication, and calculus listed above, a minimum of 18 hours of general studies must be completed. Of these 18 hours, 9 hours must be from courses in the humanities and/or social sciences (i.e. history, literature, art or music appreciation, economics, sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology).

  • Courses in biology or physical science or activity courses in physical education or the arts (music, theater, etc.) may not be counted as general studies.
  • Courses in foreign language may not be counted as part of the humanities and social-sciences requirements, but they do count as general studies.

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is required for admission to the KU Pharmacy School. For more information on the PCAT - please visit:

To learn more about pharmacy careers and education, you can visit the web site provided by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy: