Past Featured Faculty

Dr. Paul G. Wagner

 - Featured Faculty Member (June 2013)

Joined Department: 1999

Studies: Exercise Physiology and Second Messenger Regulation

Courses: BI 255 Human Physiology Lab; BI 330 Animal Physiology Lab and BI 390 Seminar

Birthplace: Stamford, Connecticut

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

Undergrad College: St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, North Carolina

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Activity: Running long distances

Favorite Movie: Top Gun

Favorite TV Show: ESPN anytime

Favorite Thing About Washburn: It’s collegiality and small size

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite color: Blue

If I was not a professor, I would: be a carpenter

One piece of advice that students should know: Make sure to take full advantage of the open access they have to faculty-this is a gift many students do not have.

Color photo of north face of Stoffer Science Hall in autumn

Color photo of Dr. Paul Wagner finishing the Topeka Spring Burn

Dr. Paul Wagner and his two daughters