Past Featured Faculty

Dr. Jason Emry

 - Featured Faculty Member

Joined Department: 2011

Studies: Plant Ecology

Courses: BI 100 & 101 Introduction to Biology & Lab, BI 105 General Botany & Lab, BI 324 Plant Systematics, BI 390 Biology Seminar and BI 395 Biology Research

Birthplace: Fremont, NE

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Undergrad College: Nebraska Wesleyan University

Favorite Food: Just about anything savory!

Favorite Activity: Cross country skiing

Favorite Movie: Dave

Favorite TV Show: Nova Science Now

Favorite Thing About Washburn: I like that WU is large enough to have great resources for faculty and students and small enough to make anyone feel like their voice can be heard.

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite color: Green

If I was not a professor, I would: probably work in landscape design, specializing in native prairie plantings.

One piece of advice that students should know: A lack of confidence can be just as dangerous as overconfidence.  Even if you are not at the top of your class, everyone has something valuable to contribute so know your strengths and share them with the world.

Color photo of north face of Stoffer Science Hall in autumn

Photo of Dr. Emry

Photo of Dr. Emry in the laboratory

Photo of Dr. Emry with student in the field