Past Featured Faculty

Dr. Lee Boyd

 - Featured Faculty Member

Joined Department: 1982

Studies: Behavior of Przewalski’s horses

Courses: BI 100 Introduction to Biology, BI 110 General Zoology, BI 202 Biology of Behavior, BI 315 Vertebrate Zoology, BI 390 Biology Seminar, BI 395 Research in Biology

Birthplace: Omaha, NE

Hometown: Millersville, MD

Undergrad College: St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Favorite Food: Guacamole

Favorite Activity: Reading

Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Thing About Washburn: Great faculty-student interactions.

Favorite season: Early Summer

Favorite color: Green

If I was not a professor, I would: run an animal rescue/training center.

One piece of advice that students should know: a good work ethic is more important to success than being brilliant.

Color photo of north face of Stoffer Science Hall in autumn

Photo of Dr. Boyd

Photo of Dr. Boyd with horses in background

Photo of Dr. Boyd in a dog show