Past Featured Faculty

Dr. Kellis Bayless

 - Featured Faculty Member

Joined Department: 2006

Studies: Physiological Plant Ecology

Courses: BI 100 Introduction to Biology, BI 101 Introduction to Biology Lab, BI 203 Human Impact on Environment, BI 310 Ecology, BI328 Plant Anatomy & Physiology, BI 390 Biology Seminar, BI 395 Research in Biology

Birthplace: Hutchinson, KS

Hometown: Hutchinson, KS

Undergrad College: Kansas University

Favorite Food: Veggie Burritos

Favorite Activity: Road trippin'

Favorite Movie: Conan the Barbarian (with Arnold)

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons

Favorite Thing About Washburn: The diversity of educational opportunities and access to faculty afforded to students.

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite color: Violet

If I was not a professor, I would: live on a beach in Hawaii.

One piece of advice that students should know: Do the right thing.

Color photo of north face of Stoffer Science Hall in autumn

Photo of Kellis

Dr. Bayless at a japanese garden

Dr. Bayless setting up a field work station