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Photo of Biology Department Faculty and Staff

Biology Department Faculty and Staff:

Front row: Ms. Ashley Lovich (Lab Supervisor), Dr. Takrima Sadikot (Assistant Professor), Ms. Heather Snyder (Lecturer), Dr. Tracy Wagner (Assistant Professor), Ms. Erica Jackson (Lecturer), Dr. Lee Boyd (Professor), Ms. Wendy Stafford (Senior Administrative Assistant)

Second row: Dr. Matthew Cook (Assistant Professor), Dr. John Mullican (Associate Professor & Chair), Dr. Andrew Herbig (Associate Professor), Dr. Bob Flahart (Lecturer), Dr. Kellis Bayless (Lecturer), Dr. Jason Emry (Assistant Professor), Dr. Susan Bjerke (Associate Professor), Dr. Rodrigo Mercader (Assistant Professor), Dr. Duane Hinton (Lecturer), Dr. Paul Wagner (Assistant Professor)

Not picturedDr. Matt Arterburn (Associate Professor, Assistant Dean of CAS), Dr. Ursula Jander (Professor Emerita)


Full-Time Faculty Members:

Color photo of Dr. John Mullican
Dr. John Mullican, Associate Professor & Chair
(Ph.D. University of Nebraska Medical Center)
Molecular Biology
Office: ST 202A
Phone: 785 670.2079
Color photo of Dr. Matt Arterburn
Dr. Matthew Arterburn, Associate Professor
(Ph.D. Washington State University)
Office: ST 202C
Phone: 785 670.3110
Color photo of Dr. Kellis Bayless
Dr. Kellis Bayless, Lecturer
(Ph.D. University of Kansas)
Plant Ecophysiology
Office: ST 203A
Phone: 785 670.2169
Color photo of Dr. Susan Bjerke
Dr. Susan Bjerke, Associate Professor
(Ph.D. University of Iowa)
Office: ST 203F
Phone: 785 670.2078
Color photo of Dr. Lee Boyd
Dr. Lee Boyd, Professor
(Ph.D. Cornell University)
Animal Behavior
Office: ST 202E
Phone: 785 670.2081
Photo of Dr. Matthew Cook
Dr. Matthew Cook, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of Missouri)
Cancer Biology
Office: ST 301D
Phone: 785 670.1740
Color Photo of Dr. Jason Emry
Dr. Jason Emry, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of Kansas)
Plant Ecology
Office: ST 203H
Phone: 785 670.2163
Color photo of Dr. Bob Flahart
Dr. Robert Flahart, Lecturer
(Ph.D. Vanderbilt University)
Office: ST 202F
Phone: 785 670.2164
Color photo of Dr. Andrew Herbig
Dr. Andrew Herbig, Associate Professor
(Ph.D. Cornell University)
Office: ST 202B
Phone: 785 670.1769
Color photo of Dr. Duane Hinton
Dr. Duane Hinton, Lecturer
(Ph.D. University of Kansas Medical Center)
Office: ST 203G
Phone: 785 670.2165
Color Photo of Ms. Erica Jackson
Ms. Erica Jackson, Lecturer
(M.A. Emporia State University)
(Ph.D. Candidate, UMKC)
Office: ST 203J
Phone: 785 670.2166
Color photo of Dr. Ursula Jander
Dr. Ursula Jander, Associate Professor Emerita
(Ph.D. University of Freiburg (Germany)
Insect Behavior
Office: ST 202B
Phone: 785 670.2082
Color photo of Dr. Rodrigo Mercader
Dr. Rodrigo Mercader, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. Michigan State University)
Office: ST 203D
Phone: 785 670.2091
Color photo of Dr. Takrima Sadikot
Dr. Takrima Sadikot, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of Missouri at Kansas City)
Molecular Biology
Office: ST 203E
Phone: 785 670.2082
Photo of Ms. Heather Snyder
Ms. Heather Snyder, Lecturer
(M.S. Grand Valley State University)
Fisheries Biology, Natural Resources Mgt.
Office: ST 301E
Phone: 785 670.1749
Color photo of Dr. Paul Wagner
Dr. Paul Wagner, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Office: ST 202D
Phone: 785 670.1752
Color photo of Dr. Tracy Wagner
Dr. Tracy Wagner, Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of Kentucky)
Office: ST 202D
Phone: 785 670.1752


Adjunct Faculty Members:

Color photo of Ms. Valerie Acors
Ms. Valerie Thornburg, Adjunct Lecturer
(M.S. Biology, Purdue University)
(M.S. Physiology, Med. College of Virginia)
Teaches: Physiology
Office: ST 202
Phone: 785 670.2077
Color photo of Ms. Katy Herbig
Ms. Katy Herbig, Adjunct Lecturer
(M.S. Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University)
Teaches: Introductory Biology Lab
Office: ST 202
Phone: 785 670.2077
Color photo of Dr. Danny Najera
Dr. Danny Najera, Adjunct Lecturer
(Ph.D. University of Kansas - EEOB)
Teaches: Biology of Behavior, Evolution
Office: ST 202
Phone: 785 670.2077
Color photo of Mr. Art Sandquist
Mr. Art Sandquist, Adjunct Lecturer
(M.S. Natural Science, University of Oklahoma)
Teaches: Introduction to Biology
Office: ST 202
Phone: 785 670.2077
Color Photo of Ms. Judith Scherff
Ms. Judy Scherff, Adjunct Lecturer
(M.A. Systematics & Ecology, University of Kansas)
(M.A. Social Science, Pittsburgh State University)
Teaches: Human Impact on the Environment
Office: ST 202
Phone: 785 670.2077
Color photo of Dr. Elton Taylor
Dr. Elton Taylor, Adjunct Lecturer
(D.C. Cleveland Chiropractic College)
Teaches: Anatomy, Introduction to Biology
Office: ST 202
Phone: 785 670.2077