The Photography Studio is located in AB 216 including a darkroom and lighting studio.

 Studio facilities and equipment:

Cameras for student checkout: 

  • 16 Vivitar film cameras
  • 20 Flip video cameras
  • 10 Canon Digital SLR Cameras
  • Pentax 645 film camera and lenses
  • 4   4x5 Cadet Film Camera kits (film-holders, focuser, tripod, light meter,  hood, etc.)
  • Tripods, lenses, filters, etc.


  • Mediated Classroom:  Digital Projector and computer system
  • 5 Macintosh Computers, 1 Epson Scanner, 1 HP Printer for digital negatives (13x19)
  • 3’x3’ light table
  • Water temperature control and filtration unit
  • Patterson plastic tanks and reels for 35mm - 8x10 negatives; plastic trays; print washers
  • 1 Delta 1 film dryer, 2 Premier print dryers, 2 Daylabs
  • Silver-recovery system
  • All chemicals provided except for D-76 film developer (includes toners, hand coloring supplies)


  • 18  4550XL Sanders/Omega LPL enlargers (35mm, 6x6, 4x5), Grablab digital timers
  • 1 Elwood 5x7 enlarger
  • 1 Zone VI  8x10  enlarger
  • 8’x4’ professional grade stainless steel darkroom sink with In-sink industrial exhaust system
  • 3 foot revolving darkroom door
  • Mural Trays for mural printing

Lighting Studio: (also used by Basic Digital Media, Basic Multimedia, Animation, Video Game, Inter-active Video; available for students to photograph artwork)

  • 3-roll  ceiling-hung  Rolleasy Backdrop  System
  • 6 Alien Bee Paul C. Buff strobe lights
  • 6 continuous studio lights
  • 4  Cybersynk triggered receiver and transmitter sets
  • 7 Sekonic  light meters
  • Soft-boxes, umbrellas, grids, barn doors, colored gels and holders, cone reflectors
  • 10 light stands, 2 booms, 2 product tents
  • Permanent table-top set up with continuous lights for 3-D art work
  • Green screen, green  floor, curved corner setup

Alternative Process Room: ( taught in 112 Design Room)

  • 2 UV light boxes (up to 16x20”)
  • 1 extended UV light table 4’x8’
  • Contact printers
  • Chemicals are supplied

Studio classes offered:

  • Beginning Darkroom Photography I   (film)
  • Darkroom Photography 2  (film)
  • Advanced Photographic Techniques 1  and 2 (film, Holga, medium format, 4x5 large format)
  • Documentary Photography 1 and 2 (digital)
  • Professional Studio Lighting (digital)
  • Non-Silver Historic Processes 1 and 2  (hybrid: film/digital/hands on) (taught in Room 112)
  • Experimental Photography (hybrid)
  • Special Topics on occasion:  Advanced Digital, Photo & Printmaking, Retro Camera Seminar
  • (Basic Photo Imaging: taught in the Foundations area; students are encouraged to purchase personal digital cameras and laptops as part of their college equipment.)



String of photos

photos at Art building.


Green screen

Depth of Field technical assignment

Travis Garwood Sr. Show