The Painting Studio is located in AB 205.

Studio Facilities:

  • 25 easels, painting tables, and stools
  • 30 drawing boards – 32”x48”
  • Mediated classroom with overhead digital projector, computer and screen
  • Venilation system
  • Wooden painting racks –(storage for 200 paintings)
  • Model bed with ceiling heaters and spotlights
  • EPA certified storage containers for painting waste, rags; solvent storage
  • Canvas stretching table
  • Large windows with Northern exposure

Studio classes offered:

  • Painting I  (oil painting)
  • Advanced Painting  (oil painting)
  • Figure Drawing I & II
  • Advanced Painting (Watercolor) and Advanced Painting (Chinese Painting) are offered in General Classroom Room 112

Painting classroom

Vivian Mosier Fish Painting

Keys painting

Painting outside