Degree Programs

Minor in Art

Minors Offered:

  • Art Studio
  • Art History

A minor in Art is designed to integrate art knowledge with other disciplines of the University. It may be constructed from courses in any area of the curriculum. A minor consists of 18 hours and includes study in art history and studio courses. In order for the minor to both provide an overview of the discipline and offer opportunity for proficiency in some aspect of the following guidelines must me met:

Art Studio:

  • AR 101 Survey of Art History I, or AR 102 Survey of Art History II, or AR 103 Introduction to Art
  •  AR 120 Design I: 2-D or AR 140 Drawing I 
  •  12 hours art studio electives, including 6 hours upper division. 

Art History:

  • AR 101 Survey of Art History I
  • AR 102 Survey of Art History II
  • 12 hours upper division Art History electives