Degree Programs

The degree programs in art are designed to meet a variety of student needs. Both the B.A. and the B.F.A. degrees include elective art courses that allow a student to concentrate in a particular media area or explore a range of artistic expression. See Degree Requirements and Course Offerings at left.

  • The B.A. is considered a basic liberal arts degree that may be easily combined with other degree programs in the college for purposes of obtaining a double major.
  •  The B.A. in Art History is structured for the student interested in museum studies or advanced work in art history or related fields.
  •  The B.F.A. is a professional degree program for students interested in art careers and advancement into graduate art programs. Concentrations allow students to focus upper level work in a chosen field.
  •  The B.F.A. with Teaching Licensure includes studio, art history and professional education courses leading to Kansas P-12 Art Teacher licensure.

Students seeking a B.F.A. degree must apply for admission to the B.F.A. Program (sophomore level)