College of Arts & Sciences

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Dean’s Message

Greetings from the College of Arts and Sciences!

What is the College of Arts and Sciences?Laura Stephenson

We are nineteen departments in the humanities, the sciences, the fine arts, the social sciences, education, and physical education. We offer an exciting array of majors and provide support courses and general education for all Washburn students. Our accomplished faculty, who engage in many forms of research and creative activities, welcome collaboration with students. So, whatever your specialty, as a Washburn student you will have many encounters with the College. Our aim is to make those experiences a rewarding and vital part of your education.

What should your education accomplish? 

It should change you in significant ways. First, you will develop skills in areas like writing and mathematics. These provide a foundation on which further learning can be built. Second, you will acquire a wide range of knowledge in many fields. This knowledge will give you a storehouse of information and experiences on which you can draw throughout life. Third, you will learn about various ways of knowing, about the ways, for example, that a scientist, an artist, and others understand the world.  These will help you learn how to consider important questions wisely and how to explore the world around you. When your Washburn career is done, you will have the tools and context you need for a useful and productive career, and you will have begun a lifetime of learning.

Here in the College you will encounter outstanding faculty members who are ready to help guide you along this path of learning, both inside and outside of class. You will have the chance to explore, to conduct research, to serve in exciting internships, and to excel in ways that go beyond the classroom.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to explore what the College of Arts and Sciences can offer you.

—Laura A Stephenson, Dean