Human Services


How much are the tuition and fees?
View current Washburn tuition rates.

Do I pay tuition fees by the semester?
Yes, you will be billed online through your My.Washburn account each individual semester.

How much will books and materials cost?
Approximate costs for books and materials are as follows.  Please note that this does not include the cost of a personal computer and home internet service provider fees.

  • Addiction Counseling:  1,200
  • Victim/Survivor Service: 1,000
  • Non-Profit Management: 1,000

What is the deadline and procedure for applying for financial aid?
For information about financial aid, please call the Financial Aid Office at (785-670-1151) or visit the Financial Aid website

Are there any other additional scholarships that I could apply for?
Yes, the Washburn School of Applied Studies (SAS) offers individual scholarships. You can print an application from the SAS website; look for the "SAS Scholarship Application" link on the right side of the page.  The deadline for SAS Scholarship applications is in early to mid-February. Check the scholarship application materials for the exact deadline.

How do I speak with someone in the Financial Aid Office?
Call 1-785-670-1151

How do I speak with someone in the Business Office?
Call 1-785-670-1156