Military Studies Minor

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You will join a program that includes some of the top students, athletes and engaged citizens in the Midwest.  WU's program, which includes students from KU and several other universities, recently was ranked first out of the 38 programs in the Midwest over schools like University of Missouri, Washington University of St. Louis, Wheaton College, K-State, University of Wisconsin, Pittsburg State and many others.  WU had the fifth ranked cadet program out of 4,500 in the nation.  Since 1918, the WU-KU program has commissioned over 2,000 lieutenants into the Army. Click here if you want to learn more about Scholarship opportunities.

Commissioned Officer Pay Chart
Basic Pay Plus Allowances

Second Lieutenant (initial salary) $43,452 per year
First Lieutenant (after 2 years) $55,476 per year
Captain (after 4 years) $71,820 per year

Plus Benefits:

  • Tri-Care Prime Health Insurance
  • 30 Days Paid Leave /yr