Master of Criminal Justice

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should pursue a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice?

The graduate degree program is designed to meet the needs of criminal justice professionals and pre-professionals who desire to enhance their knowledge, skills, and talents in the field of criminal justice. For the professional currently employed in the field, advanced knowledge, and skills acquired in the program can enhance opportunities for career advancement. The degree program can prepare the pre-professional graduate for a variety of criminal justice positions. The MCJ degree programs can also prepare students for teaching positions in community colleges and training academics, and for admission to doctoral programs in criminal justice and related fields.

How long will it take to complete my master’s degree in Criminal Justice?

Most students plan to complete their degree within 2 years. Students are considered full-time if they enroll in nine or more semester hours of graduate credit and half-time if they enroll in six to eight semester hours of graduate credit. All credit applied toward a master’s degree must be earned within a seven-year period beginning with the first course counting toward the degree.

How will I know which catalog I will be under?

The catalog in effect at the time of admission to candidacy is the controlling catalog.

Can I take courses in the evening or on-line?

Virtually all of our graduate courses are offered either in the evening, on-line, or by weekend workshops.

How much does it cost?

Current tuition rates can be found on the Admissions Office's website.  Also at the following link: