Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Clinical Placement Procedure

Clinical Placement Procedure

After a student has completed the DMS application and been deemed eligible, the student will provide the DMS Clinical Coordinator with five facilities that they would like the Clinical Coordinator to contact for potential placement. These facilities can be located in your area.

 Common difficulties in obtaining clinical placement:

  1. Local traditional programs already having established relationships
  2. Patient volumes do not meet CAAHEP accreditation standards
  3. Facility staff does not meet CAAHEP accreditation standards
  4. A facility may be too busy and/or unwilling to take a student

How Clinical Rotations Work

While didactic courses are online, clinical courses are completed at an approved healthcare facility.  Clinical hours average out to be 24 hours per week.  These hours must be done during normal working hours, Monday through Friday.  Each student has the ability to have some flexibility to which days they are in clinical IF the clinical site can accommodate (within Monday – Friday).  Also, we attempt to find a clinical site that is local to the student.