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Since 1982 the Allied Health department has offered degree and certificate programs.  The degree and certificate programs prepare students for careers in health care.

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Health Information Coding

Health Information Coders are the recognized experts in the analysis and assignment of classifications to medical data. Coding professionals assign diagnostic and procedural codes to medical records for reporting to insurance companies and the federal government, and for internal statistics, research and planning. This program is available to both full and part-time students. The majority of course work can be completed during evening hours or on-line format. This program has special admission requirements.

Contact Michelle Shipley, 785-670-2174; or Stacie Hawkins, 785-670-2218 for more information.

Associate Degrees

Health Information Technology (HT)

Associate of Science, AS

Changes in health care reimbursement and patient records are creating more and more openings for accredited health information technicians. This field combines information management skills with an in-depth health science background. Graduates work with vital statistics, coding, medical audits, utilization review, correspondence, and record analysis. A health information coding certificate is also offered. (HT)

Contact Michelle Shipley, 785-670-2174; or Stacie Hawkins, 785-670-2218 for more information.

Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)

Associate of Science, AS

Occupational Therapy is a profession that promotes health by enabling people to perform meaningful and purposeful occupations. These include (but are not limited to) work, leisure, self-care, domestic and community activities. Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants can look forward to dynamic careers with opportunities to work in a variety of settings with people of all ages. Work settings include (but are not limited to) rehabilitation hospitals, outpatient centers, nursing homes, public schools, home and community centers. (OTA)

Contact Janice Bacon, 785-670-2439; or Katlin Bryan, 785-670-2285 for more information.

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Associate of Science, AS

Certified Physical Therapist Assistants are employed in a variety of health care settings. Graduates of this program provide rehabilitation assessment and intervention according to the Physical Therapist plan of care to individuals who have movement dysfunction. (PT)

Contact Mark Kohls, 785-670-1406; or Cory Oliva, 785-670-1404 for more information.

Radiologic Technology (XR)

Associate of Science, AS

This allied health specialty offers a variety of career opportunities and employment demand is projected to continue in the future. Graduates perform various diagnostic testing procedures using radiation energy. (XR)

Contact Jera Roberts, 785-670-2173; or Hillary Lolley, 785-670-1535 for more information.

Respiratory Therapy (RT)

Associate of Science, AS

The field of respiratory therapy offers an exciting, challenging and rewarding career for the future, with a strong employment outlook. Utilizing sophisticated biomedical equipment, these allied health specialists provide treatment for a variety of diseases affecting the cardiopulmonary system. (RT)

Contact Rusty Taylor, 785-670-2172; or Ida Johnson, 785-670-2171 for more information.

Advanced Certificates

Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS)

Medical sonography is comprised of general sonography, vascular sonography and cardiac sonography. This field is a rewarding blend of patient care with highly sophisticated technology. Sonography has grown immensely in the last 25 years, and there is local and national demand for educated and credentialed sonographers.

Contact Keith Farwell, 785-670-2293; or Terry Sorensen, 785-670-2294 for more information.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR)

A registered technologist employed in magnetic resonance or MR does not work with radiation energy, but generates images through the interaction of magnetic fields and radio waves with body tissues. A MR technologist provides optimal patient care while working with digital technology. All applicants must be registered in Radiography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation Therapy or Sonography.

Contact Jera Roberts, 785-670-2173 for more information.

Radiation Therapy (XT)

Radiation Therapists are in demand across the nation. Our program admits only Registered Radiologic Technologists. Radiation Therapists apply high energy radiation to the human body to treat disease, primarily cancer.

Contact Becky Dodge, 785-670-1440; or Kristina Collins, 785-670-1414 for more information.

Bachelor's Degrees

Medical Laboratory Science

Bachelor of Health Science, BHS-CLS

The Bachelor's degree in Clinical Laboratory Science is recognized as requiring the acquisition of general knowledge and basic technical performance skills in all areas of medical laboratory science, otherwise known as the medical technology or clinical laboratory science profession.

Contact Michelle Shipley, 785-670-2174 for more information.

Health Services Administration

Bachelor of Health Science, BHS-HA

There is a need for qualified managers in the health care field. Healthcare is one of the most dynamic fields in the business world. Regulatory issues, policy, technology, and financial issues are constantly changing. The Bachelor of Health Science in Health Services Administration is designed to provide associate degree health care graduates with knowledge and skills in the area of management and leadership.

Contact Jean Sanchez, 785-670-1408; or Tracy Matthews, 785-670-3103; or Jessica Gremmel, 785-670-1412 for more information.

Medical Imaging

Bachelor of Health Science, BHS-MI

There is an increasing need for qualified medical imaging technologists. The completion of a baccalaureate degree with advanced imaging credentials make graduates even more marketable for employment opportunities in the medical imaging field.

Students can choose from these concentrations:

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Radiation Therapy

Contact Jean Sanchez, 785-670-1408; or Tracy Matthews, 785-670-3103; or Jessica Gremmel, 785-670-1412 for more information.

Technology Administration

Bachelor of Applied Studies, BAS

The BAS in Technology Administration is specifically designed for students who have completed an occupationally-oriented associate degree and are interested in pursuing further studies to advance in a technology-management related field. 

Contact Allied Health, 785-670-2170 for more information.


Health Care Education

Master of Health Science, MHS

Candidates for admission to the Masters of Health Science degree must have completed a bachelor's degree and have two years professional work experience in a health care environment. Such professional experience would include, but is not limited to, health care administration, health information technology, occupational therapy assistants, respiratory therapist, physical therapist assistants, radiologic technologist, dental hygienist, and other health care specialists.

Contact Vickie Kelly, 785-670-2280; or Zach Frank, 785-670-1406

Post Graduate Certificate

The post-graduate certificate in healthcare education is available to students pursuing the Doctor of Nursing practice and to students who have completed a clinical masters or doctorate degree who would like to pursue a career in education at the postsecondary level. 

Contact Vickie Kelly, 785-670-2280; or Zach Frank, 785-670-1406.

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