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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be admitted to the CT certificate program?

  • Technologist admission: Must be a Registered Radiologic Technologist (radiographer or radiation therapist); Registered Nuclear Medicine Technologist (ARRT or NMTCB). May pursue the certificate or a limited number of courses.
  • Senior-level radiographer students: If currently enrolled in an accredited program, may request admission to didactic courses.

How much does the CT program cost?

Each credit hour cost around $290 plus the additional cost of textbooks. (Fall ’10)

Where will I complete my clinical experience in CT?

The CT student will perform the clinical experience in a health care facility close to their current location.  The student will need to provide the CT program director with the contact information to the clinical site and an affiliation agreement will be made prior to the start of the clinical experience.  The health care center must meet certain requirements, such as; Joint Commission  or equivalent accreditation, at least one MSCT scanner, minimum 15 patients per day, and perform a variety of procedures to allow the CT student to acquire the required clinical exams to take the CT registry.

What if I am already an RT (R) and have been working full-time in CT for one year?

The CT student who has one year full-time work experience in CT will be able to take the credit by exam option to complete the CT clinical experience.  This student will perform certain requirements to qualify for the credit by exam.

If I am an RT(T) or RT(N) and I complete the CT certificate program, can I sit for the ARRT CT Registry?

Yes, the CT Registry is a post-primary exam. An RT(T) or RT(N) may sit for the Registry, if they fulfill the CT clinical requirements. The CT clinical requirements can be found at under the Education/CE post-primary certification link.