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Radiation Therapy

All courses are taught on-line. 

Applicants must be a graduate of an accredited Radiologic Technology program, possess an Associate degree or higher, and hold the professional designation of Registered Radiologic Technologist, RT(R).  A registry eligible student may also be considered for admittance, however; acceptance will be conditional on passing the ARRT exam prior to the program's start date.  Students complete course work online and are required to attend clinical rotations at Washburn University affiliated radiation therapy centers.  Required course work is completed in 13 months.

Course Schedule

Beginning June 2015

Summer Semester #1 – Late June to end of July, will require NO synchronous (live) attendance
AL309 Foundations of Radiation Therapy (2 credit hours) 

Fall Semester - will require synchronous (live) attendance each Monday
AL 301  Clinical Radiation Therapy I (4 credit hours) 
AL 302  Radiation Therapy Topics I (3 credit hours) 
AL 303  Radiation Therapy Physics I (3 credit hours) 
AL 307  Oncology, Simulation & Treatment Procedures I (3 credit hours) 
AL 311  Imaging in Radiation Therapy (3 credit hours) 

Spring Semester - will require synchronous (live) attendance each Monday
AL 304  Therapeutic Radiobiology (3 credit hours) 
AL 305  Radiation Therapy Physics II (3 credit hours) 
AL 310  Radiation Therapy Topics II (3 credit hours) 
AL 340  Clinical Radiation Therapy II (4 credit hours) 
AL 370  Oncology, Simulation & Treatment Procedures II (3 credit hours) 

Summer Semester #2 - will offer optional synchronous (live) attendance
AL 380  Clinical Radiation Therapy III (3 credit hours) 
AL 381  Radiation Therapy Seminar (3 credit hours) 

40 Credit Hours Total

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