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Computed Tomography

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Program Requirements

Program Curriculum

The Washburn University course-of-study incorporates the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) (CT) Curriculum, thereby providing the opportunity to obtain entry-level knowledge and clinical skills. The ASRT curriculum builds upon the foundation of knowledge acquired in a radiography program such as anatomy, physiology, patient care, patient assessment, pharmacology, quality management, radiation protection and pathology. Core content for CT consists of physics and instrumentation, pathology correlation, procedure protocols and sectional anatomy. The certificate in computed tomography at Washburn University requires completion of 21 credit hours, including clinical experience. All CT courses count toward the Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) degree.

CT Core Courses

AL341 Sectional Anatomy and Imaging Applications (4)

Prerequisite: ARRT certification or consent
Description: Content begins with a review of gross anatomy of the entire body. Detailed study of gross anatomical structures will be conducted systematically for location, relationship to other structures and function. Gross anatomical structures are located and identified in axial (transverse), sagittal, coronal and orthogonal (oblique) planes. Illustrations and anatomy images will be compared with magnetic resonance (MR) and computed tomography (CT) images in the same imaging planes and at the same level when applicable. The characteristic appearance of each anatomical structure as it appears on CT and MR, when applicable, will be stressed.

AL342 CT Procedure Protocols (4)

Prerequisite: ARRT certification or consent
Description: Content provides detailed coverage of procedure protocols for computed tomography imaging. Protocols include, but are not limited to, indications for the procedure, patient education, scan preparation, orientation and positioning, patient history and assessment, contrast media usage, scout image, selectable scan parameters, filming and archiving of the images.

AL343 CT Physics: Instrumentation and Imaging (4)

Prerequisite: ARRT certification or consent
Description: Content is designed to impart an understanding of the physical principles and instrumentation involved in computed tomography. Physics topics include the characteristics of x-radiation, CT beam attenuation, linear attenuation coefficients, tissue characteristics and Hounsfield numbers application.

AL344 Pathology Correlation in CT (3)

Prerequisite: ARRT certification or consent
Description: Content provides thorough coverage of common diseases diagnosable via computed tomography. Each disease or trauma process is examined from its description, etiology, associated symptoms and diagnosis with appearance on CT. Terms associated with these pathologies will be included.

AL345 Clinical Experience in CT (6) *

Prerequisite: ARRT or NMTCB certification
Description: Assignment to a CT facility to observe, assist and perform CT procedures under the supervision and guidance of a qualified CT specialist. Establish eligibility for certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist.

*Please note that a clinical affiliation is required to allow the student to complete the Clinical Experience in CT. Not all states allow an affiliation agreement from Washburn University including, but not limited to, California and New York.

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