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Radiologic Technology (AS)

Program Requirements

2014-2015 Catalog

Admission to the Radiologic Technology Program is limited, therefore special admission requirements exist. Application deadline is February 1st.

Mission Statement and Program Goals

The Radiologic Technology (Radiographer) Program is focused on development of qualified medical imaging technologists who provide optimum patient care through competency and professional conduct.


1.      Students and graduates will demonstrate clinical competence.
          Outcome 1: Students will apply positioning skills.
          Outcome 2: Students will validate proper patient care.
2.      Students will utilize critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
          Outcome 1: Students will be able to adapt positioning for
                              trauma patients.
          Outcome 2: Students will perform non-routine exams.
3.      Students will evaluate the significance of professional growth 
         and development.
          Outcome 1: Students will display knowledge of identified
                              professional organizations.
          Outcome 2: Students will recognize the importance of
                              professional behavior.
4.      Students will be able to communicate effectively.
          Outcome 1: Students will demonstrate written communication
          Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate oral communication

Radiologic Technology Associate Degree Requirements

Major Courses (40 credit hours)

  • AL 101 Foundations of Health Care
  • AL 120 Radiographic Procedures and Patient Care I and lab
  • AL 121 Radiographic Procedures II and lab
  • AL 130 Principles of Radiographic Exposure I and lab
  • AL 131 Principles of Radiographic Exposure II and lab
  • AL 230 Radiologic Equipment Operation
  • AL 134 Clinical Education I
  • AL 135 Clinical Education II
  • AL 236 Clinical Education III
  • AL 220 Advanced Radiographic Procedures and Imaging Techniques
  • AL 231 Radiation Protection and Biological Effects
  • AL 237 Clinical Education IV
  • AL 238 Clinical Education V
  • AL 321 Advanced Radiographic Imaging

Correlate Courses (9-11 credit hours)

  • AL 320 Human Disease (3)
  • BI 250 Introduction to Anatomy (3) or BI 275 Human Anatomy (4)
  • BI 230 Introduction to Physiology (3) or BI 255 Human Physiology (4)

University Requirements (9 credit hours)

  • EN 101 Freshman Composition (3)
  • MA116 College Algebra (3)
  • WU 101 The Washburn Experience (3)*Freshman Only

General Education (18 credit hours)

  • Natural Sciences (6)*
  • Social Sciences (6)
  • Humanities (6)

*Some correlate courses may count here: consult your advisor.

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