Degrees and Certificates

Occupational Therapist Assistant (AS)

Degree Requirements for the Associate of Science

AL 161    Foundations of Occupational Therapy I 
AL 162    Occupational Therapy Interventions I
AL 163    Foundations of Occupational Therapy II
AL 164    Level I Fieldwork I
AL 165    Special Considerations for Occupational Therapy Assistants in Psychosocial Disorders
AL 166    Occupational Therapy Interventions II
AL 167    Foundations of Occupational Therapy III
AL 257    Applied Neurophysiology - Occupational Therapy
AL 252    Psychosocial Occupational Therapy
AL 253    Level I Fieldwork II
AL 186   Cardiopulmonary Assessment in Allied Health
AL 254    Current Topics in Occupational Therapy
AL 255    Level II Fieldwork

Required Correlate
AL 101   Foundations of Healthcare 
AL 320   Human Disease 
BI 230     Human Physiology
BI 250     Human Anatomy
PY 100   Basic Concepts in Psychology
SO 101   American Social Problems
BI 100    Introduction to Biology 

University Requirements
EN 101   Freshman English
MA 112  Essential Mathematics; OR
MA 116  College Algebra
*WU 101 - need 3 credits to clarify
Humanities (6)

* Students entering Washburn direct from high school should enroll in WU 101 or HN 101 (conditional upon admittance into the Honors Program).

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