School of Applied Studies


Under an agreement between Washburn University, the University of Kansas, and the U.S. Army, students may participate in Army ROTC classes taught at Washburn by KU faculty. Army ROTC classes may be taken by any Washburn student and are available to students at NO TUITION COST.  For those that contract into the program, the culmination of the ROTC program is a commission as an officer in either the active army or in the Army Reserve or National Guard.  For those that choose to seek a commission while participating in ROTC, students pursue an academic degree in any academic major of their choice.  ROTC classes are divided into basic and advanced courses.  All necessary ROTC books and equipment are provided to the student free of charge.

For those interested in scholarship opportunities, Army ROTC awards four-year, three-year and two year scholarships on a competitive basis.  For detailed scholarship information contact Joe Midgley, Assistant Professor, Admissions and Scholarships officer for the KU Military Science Department, by calling (785) 864-1113 or email at