Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Program

The Academic Integrity Program is a series of modules and lessons designed to approach the topic of academic integrity from a number of different perspectives. The program will be delivered in 4 distinct hour-long modules:

  • Plagiarism
  • Cheating
  • Ethics/Additional Forms of Academic Misconduct
  • Ethics/Academic Integrity

Each session will combine numerous learning styles and incorporate interactive games to teach the concepts being covered. In addition, there is a mastery quiz at the end of each lesson requiring students to answer questions about what they have learned. The student must pass each quiz with a 75% or better in order to receive credit for the program.  Students will be able to retake each lesson as many times as necessary to pass the mastery quizzes provided.

Added Reflection: Following completion of the Academic Integrity Program, students will be required to engage in a reflective exercise.  The exercise asks them to explain how their understanding of academic integrity has evolved and to connect what they learned from program to their current situation involving academic misconduct.