Assessment Grants


To support assessment activities of the Washburn University community.


The following criteria will be used by the VPAA, in consultation with the Assessment Committee, to base award decisions.

1.  Proposals will be considered for the development of new course-based and program level assessments as well as USLO assessment. Proposals may involve the development of new assessments, innovative use of existing assessments for program improvement, development of unit knowledge base related to discipline and university-wide learning outcomes assessment. Proposals must be applicable to present or future assessment practices at Washburn University.

2.  Proposals may relate to:

  • development or enhancement of discipline-based assessments;
  • development of proposals with innovative assessment plans, including outcome assessments; and
  • development or enhancement of the methods for sharing assessment results

3.  Funds may be used to cover reasonable expenses to be incurred in a project, including reassigned time, travel (except meals and entertainment), equipment*, materials*, supplies, services,   personnel assistance, or other expenses.

*Equipment, materials, multimedia applications, and library resources purchased with grant funds remain the property of Washburn University. The requested items must be directly related to the specific assessment plan that is being created or enhanced.

4.  Requests for the support of graduate course work or dissertation research, for expenses augmenting Sweet Sabbatical funds, or for proposals that would be more appropriately directed to the Curriculum Development or Research Committees will not be considered.

Assessment Grant proposals will be accepted twice during the academic year. In order for the VPAA to fairly evaluate proposals for disbursement of grant funds, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit proposals by the spring deadline for the following academic year. The final proposal deadline will occur early in the fall semester to review proposals requesting current academic year funds. The VPAA publishes these deadlines at the beginning of each academic year.