Academic Catalog

06-07 Addenda

Law School Students - Full-Time Status (08-16-06)

 Effective Fall 2006, School of Law students are defined to be full-time academic students in the fall and spring semesters if they are enrolled in at least 9 credit hours. The printed version of the catalog indicated that 10 hours constituted full-time status.

Correction to Master of Science in Nursing Section  (09-19-06)

 On page 285 in the 2006-07 catalog, there are about six lines missing. Under the MSN Course Requirements, after the Core requirements and before the Administrative Leadership classes should be the following content: 

 Adult Nurse Practitioner 15 hrs.

 NU600 Adult Health I                     3

NU 602 Adult Health Practicum I    3

NU 604 Adult Health II                    3

NU 606 Adult Health Practicum II   3

NU 608 Health Practicum: Specialty Focus    3

(each a 3 hour course)

Addendum to Communication  (09-22-06)

 Beginning Fall 2006, two program changes were approved for the Communication Department.  Students using the 2006-2007 catalog must have a 2.5 grade point average and sophomore status to be accepted into the major.  In addition, the description for CN 499 Senior Portfolio was changed along with the number of credit hours granted.

 CN 499 Senior Portfolio. (3) Students submit a series of assignments evaluating their academic growth in theory, research, and area of emphasis.  Samples of their course work are included.  The culmination of this work is compiled into a portfolio which is evaluated by the faculty.  Prerequisite:  27 hours of communication courses completed and Chair approval.