Mascot Boot CampJuly 25 - 27

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Please complete the Mascot Boot Camp registration form and email it to today to reserve your spot at the Mascot Boot Camp.

Mascot Boot Camp Registration Form
David Raymond

Dave Raymond has been performing since 1978 and is best known as the "Phillie Phanatic." Today, he promotes optimal mascot performances via workshops, seminars, and Mascot Boot Camp through Raymond Entertainment Group.

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Mascot Boot Camp

Mascots each face a unique challenge. They must assume the characteristics of their persona, physically moving in their costume while engaging with teams and crowds, all while normally not speaking. They are not simply cheerleaders in a costume.

Washburn University and David Raymond host the annual Washburn University Mascot Boot Camp to help bring the specialized training mascots need to the Midwest.

Who is the Mascot Boot Camp for?

  • Raw recruits to the mascot world
  • Seasoned performers looking to upgrade their skills
  • Mascot coordinators to learn tools and resources to support a top-notch mascot program
  • Costume character performers at any level of experience

What will be taught?

Each session of the Boot Camp is tailored for the participants involved. Topics that are covered include:

  • "Oh my, where is that odor coming from?" - Wearing and caring for the costume
  • "I can't believe I ate and drank that whole thing!" - Nutrition and health concerns for the performer
  • "You want me to put that where?" - Basic skills for the performer
  • "That's no lady, that's his wife?" - The art of working a crowd
  • "You mean I can get paid AND we can make money doing this?" - How to stop treating your mascot like a hobby and make it a career
  • "They laughed when I sat down at the piano!" - Developing special skills
  • "Don't call me superficial, I have feelings too!" - Developing a character


Mascot Boot Camp fees include breakfast and lunch during the camp.

College and Professional Level     $399

High School and Junior Level        $299


Washburn University invites Mascot Boot Camp participants to stay in one of our residence halls on campus during camp. Simply indicate on the registration form (located under "Register," on the left of this page) that you wish to stay on campus.

  • Single-occupancy Room      $27 per night
  • Double-occupancy Room     $21 per person, per night

Pillows and blankets are provided at no extra cost. You can use university bed linens for $8.50 per set, or you can bring your own linens.

If you need more information about the room, please contact the Washburn University Residential Living Office at (785) 670-1065 or

There are also several hotels near campus. provides a centralized resource for information about hotel rooms and visiting Topeka.