Leadership Washburn



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Jane Carpentar

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

portrait of jane carpentar

“The process of the project was invaluable and believe the connections I made with my group were also tremendous.”


Regina Cassell

Director of Student Media / Lecturer, Mass Media

regina cassell“Leadership Washburn is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor. You will learn valuable professional insights, but more importantly you will meet regularly with talented people from across campus and gain a greater appreciation for working at Washburn University. We are not a perfect organization, of course, but I am very proud to work alongside some truly wonderful and inspirational individuals. Leadership Washburn reminded me that having a career you love must extend far beyond a paycheck.”


Brad Clark

Teacher Computer Repair/Networking
Washburn Institute of Technology

portrait of brad clark

“Leadership Washburn has been, and continues to be, a great learning opportunity.  Leadership Washburn provided this classroom instructor an opportunity to learn about leadership philosophy, strategic thinking, and problem solving techniques.  Meeting and working with Washburn employees from different schools and departments has provided me with new friends and contacts that allow me to quickly find the right person with the right information at the right time.  As a graduate I have additional confidence in myself and my work when I undertake new tasks and responsibilities.”


Shirley Dinkel

Director of Student Health Services and Associate Professor, School of Nursing

portrait of jane carpentar

“The reflections were invaluable to me … I believe (the Individualized Action Plan) was the most useful part of Leadership Washburn  because I was exploring my own style, identifying my own needs, crafting my own strategies, and exploring what I wanted to explore.”


Lauren Edelman

Associate Director, Leadership Institute

lauren edelman“Leadership Washburn was a truly valuable professional development opportunity. I created networks and connections with people I may not have otherwise interacted with, which gave me access to new resources and future partners. I appreciated the opportunity to focus on my personal growth and development while also recognizing the strengths that I bring to a group working on a common goal. I am grateful for this experience and know the knowledge I have obtained through this experience has only fostered greater curiosity and desire to further engage in what's happening at my institution.”


Chris Enos

University Police

portrait of chris enos

“Leadership Washburn was one of the most rewarding professional development experiences I have ever participated in.  After completing the program I have a much stronger connection to Washburn as an institution than I ever had before.  I was exposed to areas of the institution I was completely unfamiliar with, and this exposure allowed me to see Washburn from outside of my own department.  Probably the most rewarding aspect for me was the personal connections I now have with other members of the campus community which I probably never would have had otherwise.  After having had the opportunity to meet and work with people from all over the campus I was impressed with the intelligence and ability of each of them.  Knowing that I am a part of such an impressive team really gives me great pride.  One of my biggest take a ways from the program was my new found understanding of Washburn's larger overall mission outside of my own department.  Not only the mission of educating and preparing students, but the important role Washburn plays in this region and even on a national level.  This program really allowed me to see how my work is one small part of this overall mission, and that no matter what your position is at Washburn we can each play an important leadership role.”


Marc Fried

University Counsel

marc fried

“When I applied for the Leadership Washburn program, having been through other leadership programs, I expected just to learn more about Washburn and meet new people. What I really enjoyed and appreciated about the Leadership Washburn program was not only did I learn about Washburn and meet new people, but there were learning opportunities about leadership philosophy, problem solving, process management and communication, to name a few. These presentations and activities are helpful not only to those who are looking to become leaders at Washburn but also to those persons, such as myself, who have experience in leadership but need to continue to develop skills and strategies to be even better leaders for Washburn University and the greater Topeka community.”


Gary Handy

Assistant Director of Student Activities

portrait of gary handy

“It was a great experience. It widened the lenses that I and my colleagues look through when we think about Washburn and Washburn Tech. The ability to collaborate regardless of title and status was fantastic.”


Susie Hoffman

Director, Alumni Association

portrait of susie hoffman

“(The Individualized Action Plan) gave me the opportunity for further self-reflection. Putting something down on paper made me really think about what I learned in Leadership Washburn and made me apply it … The group projects are in important component of the class … the end result was fantastic. Each group tackled a problem and provided solutions that had merit.”


Marian Jamison

Associate Dean/Professor of Nursing
School of Nursing

portrait of marian jamison

“The opportunities to get to know people from other departments and to tour various parts of the campus were particularly valuable to me. These experiences helped broaden my perspective of life at Washburn University plus helped my make new friends on campus. The program provided opportunities to obtain feedback (that) helped boost my confidence in my communication and leadership skills.”


Susan Maendele

Lecturer, School of Nursing

susan maendele“Leadership Washburn is an incredibly worthwhile endeavor. You will learn valuable professional insights, but more importantly you will meet regularly with talented people from across campus and gain a greater appreciation for working at Washburn University. We are not a perfect organization, of course, but I am very proud to work alongside some truly wonderful and inspirational individuals. Leadership Washburn reminded me that having a career you love must extend far beyond a paycheck.”


Michael McGuire

Dean of Honors/Associate Professor of Psychology
College of Arts and Sciences

portrait of michael mcguire

"I took something away from each monthly session. As a whole, I felt the class provided me with tools and insight on being a better contributor to Washburn University … There was real applicability for (the Lean Six Sigma) tool. I am now more “process” oriented and have another approach to trouble shoot and problem solve … The Individual Action Plan and continuous leadership development (requirements) have ensured that I will continue to grow as both a leader and contributor here at Washburn."


Eric Moss

Associate Director
Facilities Services

portrait of eric moss

“The time, energy and money put into this program was a wise investment. This program not only changed my work life but my personal life as well. I am a better (stronger) person because of this program. I suspect Washburn will reap the benefits of this program from its investment in Leadership Washburn until we retire…It is impossible to calculate how many bottlenecks, problems, and mistakes have been averted in our careers because of this program.”


Mary Pilgrim

Associate Professor, Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

portrait of jane carpentar

“Well organized! It is obvious that much thought has gone into preparing the program. I especially liked the behind the scenes tours and the opportunity to meet so many people. The networking opportunity was exceptional. I feel like I have a bigger picture view of Washburn as a result in participating in Leadership Washburn.”


Tracy Routsong

Associate Professor of Communications
College of Arts and Sciences

portrait of tracy routsong

“Leadership Washburn has been among the most rewarding experiences I have had at Washburn University. Networking with people from all over both Washburn and Washburn tech, this was one of the first times that I felt truly connected to people from all facets of the university. Additionally, LW also provided an opportunity for individual leadership growth and understanding my personal strengths and weaknesses.  I will always be thankful for being able to participate in the inaugural class of Leadership Washburn.”


Mike Russell

Director Scholarly Creative WTE/Associate Professor of Psychology
College of Arts & Sciences

portrait of mike russell

“The Leadership Washburn program is a truly commendable program and a major asset to Washburn University.  The program has provided me with knowledge and skills that I can apply in my role as the Scholarly Creative WTE Area Director and as the WTE Director of Marketing and Assessment.  The Leadership Washburn program has also provided me with a sound and strategic manner with which to solve problems and make changes. Reading books and countless articles about leadership, learning about and performing a S.W.A.T. analysis, interviewing others about my strengths/weaknesses, and writing a self-study were ways that have dramatically improved my ability to serve as a leader ... I truly hope that every Washburn University faculty and staff member has an opportunity to participate in the program.  If so, there is no doubt the result will be a dramatically enhanced institution.”


Mary Schumacher


mary schumacher“I was impressed by the time and thought that went into the program topics and agenda, all with an eye to providing participants with the skills needed both to lead and be led. The opportunity to grow and develop relationships was invaluable but I didn't anticipate that the program would also be fun, eye-opening, and self-reflective. It challenged me to step outside of my comfort-zone, but the experience was overwhelmingly positive.”


James Schnoebelen

Associate Professor, Communication Studies

james schnoebelen“Leadership Washburn set me on the path to be the leader I want to be--both on campus and in my personal life. The networking opportunities offered to participants are invaluable and my participation helped me feel very connected to Washburn and the Topeka community. I am so happy that I took part and will look for future opportunities to stay connected with LW in the future.”


Maria Stover

Associate Professor, Mass Media, College of Arts and Sciences

portrait of maria stover

“Pre-session activities were meaningful … post-session assignments were a great way to continue the thoughtful reflection … I learned a lot and it’s indeed a professional development opportunity for faculty and staff at Washburn. It’s an excellent way to connect and energize individual actors within the institution.”


Val VanDerSluis

Director of Program Content, KTWU

val vandersluis

“I greatly enjoyed my time in the Leadership Washburn program. I felt this program was top notch and was a great benefit for connecting me more to Washburn faculty, staff, and the core mission and vision for the University. I functioned so much in a silo here at KTWU and through this program, have found a passion and connection to Washburn University. I have also come to appreciation the hard work done by all faculty, staff and students for WU. I made a great group of friends, in particular with my small team. I am so proud of the work we were able to do together, coming from such a variety of backgrounds. I am so impressed with all of the skills and abilities of my small group members and facilitators (as well as everyone in the Leadership Washburn program) to make a difference in their positions here on campus. I appreciated the abilities by our program facilitators to always ask the questions and make statements that challenged our thought process and made us think outside the box. And I greatly appreciated (the facilitator’s) abilities to engage everyone, make us challenge the norm, and remind us that while it may be difficult at times to always be against the comfort and the routine that many people prefer, it's worth it stay committed and not lose focus to propel Washburn University forward to innovation and success."


Kelley Weber

Catalog Librarian, Mabee Library

kelley webber

“This is a very valuable program. We learned practical things that can be applied to our personal and professional growth as leaders immediately and far into the future.”


Kerry Wynn

Assistant Professor of History
College of Arts and Sciences

portrait of kerry wynn

“Leadership Washburn introduced me to colleagues I had never met, and allowed me to spend time with others I already knew and valued, which has enriched my life at Washburn.  My experiences in Leadership Washburn also inspired me to take the initiative in creating new and innovative academic events.”