Ichabod Notables

Ichabod Notables

From internationally renowned attorneys and artists to professional athletes and chief executive officers, Washburn alumni from each decade have made contributions with global significance.

  • Senator Bob Dole’s Washburn education helped shape his political perspectives and commitment to veterans.
  • The Menninger family of physicians altered psychiatry the world over with enhanced treatment options and outcomes.
  • J. Bradbury Thompson created the first graphic representation of the Ichabod mascot and designed more than 90 postage stamps, magazines and books, including the Washburn College Bible.
  • Elisha Scott Sr., John Scott and Charles Scott Sr. helped prosecute Brown v. Board of Education, a pivotal case that led the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954 to vote unanimously to desegregate public schools.

Washburn students have been innovators in business, education, civil rights, politics and law.

From its founding forward, the University has fostered an inclusive environment where diverse students could satisfy their intellectual curiosity, develop their competence and share their contributions through whatever profession they chose to pursue. Many have supported the University by establishing scholarships, buildings and faculty development programs designed to ensure future generations of students are able to obtain their degrees and fulfill their dreams, building on the legacy of others.

We hope you enjoy reading these profiles, which are presented in alphabetical order on the following pages, intended to highlight the extensive accomplishments of some of our alumni and friends as we celebrate our sesquicentennial.