The front of Morgan Hall March 11, 2014

Watch the progress of Morgan Hall from anywhere after following the simple steps detailed on this page.

Please be patient

The live-stream feed will time out after approximately two minutes after your login and the video may buffer or respond slowly if many computers, phones or tablets are viewing at the same time. Please be patient while you watch the new Morgan Hall take shape.

Morgan Hall Construction

You can watch the new Morgan Hall come to life LIVE by following these simple steps:

  1. Click Morgan Hall Construction Camera. (This will open a new browser window.)
  2. Enter the username and password provided here in the form.
    Username: guest
    Password: 1234
    An example of the form is provided at the end of this list below.
  3. To prevent having to login each time you visit, check the "Remember my User ID" box on the login screen or choose "yes" when your browser asks if you'd like it to remember the login information.
  4. Visit as often as you'd like.

Pelco Login Screen Example