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More and more, today's kids are growing up without art in their lives. As schools face increasing cutbacks, many are forced to leave art out of school entirely. Which means that much of the next generation won't have access to the arts...period.

By giving to the Mulvane, you keep color on its walls. You keep inspiration in children's minds. You keep art in Topeka and surrounding communities...where it belongs!

Your donation:

So you can do something good, feel great about it, and do a little happy dance when tax time rolls around!

There are two easy ways to give:

  1. Visit, and designate your gift to the Mulvane Art Museum.
  2. Call 785.670.1124 to make your contribution over the phone.

How Much

Any amount you like. Every dollar helps, and we are grateful for any support you can give.

What Else
Looking to give to the Mulvane...and get more involved at the same time? Then consider this our cordial invitation to join the Friends of the Mulvane Art Museum.

Money isn't the only way you can support the Mulvane. To keep art in our community, give your time at Mulvane events! We use volunteer help at:

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Farm Kitchen by Ruth Chaney

Ruth Chaney, Farm Kitchen

Calico Cat by Elizabeth Terrell

Elizabeth Terrell, Calico Cat

Drawing of a Monkey


Drawing of a Dog and a Duck