The More Artful Selfie

When: Wednesday, August 30th from noon-1 pm

Who: Michelle Leivan

Cost: $25 non-members, $20 members, $10 students

Description: Work with artist Michelle Leivan, who has painted 100 self-portraits for her #BeingMySelfie series, to rethink the modern selfie phenomenon. What do selfies reveal about a person? What are the complex human emotions behind each selfie? How are they picked by the individual and then how is it seen by the world in which it is shared? Michelle will give a brief presentation on the selfie as a part of social media culture, and guide participants on how to create an artful digital self-portrait through the age-old practice of painting. Combining the original artists's self-portrait method and the modern selfie photo, participants will create their own selfie portrait using canvas and paint. Materials provided by the Museum. Workshop attendees should bring their own cell phone to capture their selfie image.

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