Outreach Programs

Art Beginning in Childhood

Art Beginning in Childhood (ABC) sends teachers to preschool classrooms, where kids get their first brush with the arts. Early childhood is the perfect time to pair children with art. Young kids are imaginative, eager...and like sponges, ready to soak up new ideas!

Kids ages 3 to 5

This year, 73% of participants are at-risk and/or have special needs. 

Throughout the school year

Area preschool classrooms, including:

  • Head Start
  • USD 501 Special Education
  • At-risk preschool classes

How It Works
ABC teachers make 5 visits to each site, sharing lessons that help kids fall in love with art.

ABC also provides preschool and daycare staff with heaps of art activities that are just right for kids this age. 

How Much
Free to selected preschool classrooms

Studies show that art can help young children with cognitive, motor, and language development, just for starters (Americans for the Arts).

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Drawing of a dog and a duck.


Kids Art Class.