Judith Lennox Sabatini ArtLab

Go ahead - get your hands messy! That's what you're supposed to do at the Mulvane ArtLab.   Families love it, kids have a ball, and adults are surprised at the joy they rediscover in art. And it's free!


  • People of all ages
  • Groups
  • School classes
  • Families
  • Individuals
  • Over 60,000 people visited the ArtLab in 2011-2012!

How Much
Free and open to the public

The ArtLab is made possible by funding from the Sabatini Family Foundation.

Open during regular Museum hours.

Groups of 7 or more? Please schedule ahead of time:


The lower level of the Mulvane Art Museum

The Judith Lennox Sabatini ArtLab is a hands-on art learning center.

Designed for everyone from toddlers to adults, the ArtLab moves you to look, create and understand. You'll learn how to approach and consider art, and how to make art. Through your interactive experiences, you rediscover the magic of your imagination.

How It Works
Made up of a huge studio, four classrooms, and 16-plus colorful activity stations, the ArtLab's activities relate to the artwork in the Mulvane galleries. So you'll unleash your inner artist - and better understand the art you see in the Museum.

Activities are always fresh, and always changing. You might dig into:

  • Contour drawing
  • Mosaic
  • Self-portrait
  • Texture
  • Abstract art
  • Illustration
  • Shading
  • Concave and convex images
  • Installation art
  • Rock art
  • Architecture
  • Weaving
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

Maybe you'll trace the shape of a friend onto a see-through pane. Or create a mosaic on a wall covered in magnets. Or explore a cave with hidden petroglyphs. Whatever you do, you'll have a lot of fun while giving your imagination a workout.

All of this makes the ArtLab a go-to field-trip destination and a fun, productive place for kids and families to spend the day.

What Else
The ArtLab also houses a library where you can check out cool art books and see other art materials from around the world. This is a great spot to dream up projects you can do at home.

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