Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection

Filled with thousands of inspiring, praiseworthy pieces of art, the Permanent Collection is a sight to see indeed. As you drop by throughout the year, you'll find different paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and decorative art, all moving in and out as the seasons come and go.

The Collection showcases work from Kansas and regional notables, national names, and artists from far-flung countries. Our specialty? Art hailing from right here in Kansas and the Midwest, with a concentration in 20th century American works.

Check back as we add more artists and photos from works in our Permanent Collection.

Regional artists of acclaim include:

Also on hand are works from well-known national and international artists:

Explore the links below for a sampling of the Collection's gems.  Or go back to Recent Acquisitions to see our newest additions to the Collection.

Constancy by Timothy App
Cradling Wheat by Thomas Hart Benton
Lander's Peak by Albert Bierstadt
Christmas Still Life by Albert Bloch
Madame Korobotchka by Marc Chagall
The Lady and the Tiger by Frederick Stuart Church
Storm Over Stone City by John Steuart Curry
Sunday Morning by Gordon Parks
Glimpse of Wild Horse Creek by Birger Sandzen
Kansas Samurai by Roger Shimomura

"If You Never Go, You Will Never Know," Cathy Broski


"First Stage," George Soppelsa


Untitled (Cupola Statue), David Hicks Overmyer