Learning in the Community (LinC)

Literacy Education Action Project (LEAP)

The Literacy Education Action Project places Washburn students into academic mentor and support positions to assist struggling learners in the community. These learners range in age from three years to adult and Washburn students accepted to this program choose which age group(s) they want to serve. This program currently partners with the following Topeka organizations: Asbury Mt. Olive After-School program, Community Action Head Start, Let’s Help’s Adult Education division, Topeka Parks & Rec’s community center based homework programs and USD501.

What Will I Do as a Member of the LEAP Program? 

Engage in service that addresses social justice issues through education by serving as an academic mentor

Participate in regular issue-based trainings and reflection activities

Accumulate at least 300 hours of service and training working on education and mentoring issues in the community

What Will I Get Out of Being a Member of the LEAP Program? 

  • If qualified for Federal Work Study you can earn $7.25/hour for your service work on top of the scholarship
  • Experience and knowledge about the community and the world in which we live that connect back to your academic studies
  • A deeper understanding of the six common commitments of service: social justice, civic engagement,community building, diversity, international perspective and spiritual/personal growth
  • Connections and friendships with other members of the Washburn communities who are committed to the same issues