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Applications are available now for leadership positions with both Bods Feeding Bods and The Exchange. Get involved and help you fellow Ichabods today!

Bods Feeding Bods donation bins are currently located

  • at Mabee Library
  • at The Exchange, 19 Henderson


Bods Feeding Bods contributes to the overall health, wellness and awareness of the Washburn University community by addressing hunger and nutrition issues that affect the campus and the local, national and global world in which we as students, faculty and staff live.


Ensure the sustainability of Washburn University's initiatives that are committed to being responsibly involved in addressing hunger and nutrition issues both on and off campus.

About us

Bods Feeding Bods is an advisory board made up of Washburn University students, faculty and staff who are committed to the alleviation of hunger. Established in August 2014, Bods Feeding Bods supports several initiatives at various stages of development on the Washburn campus right now.