Degree Works FAQ

Student Educational Planner

What is the Student Educational Planner?

The Planner is a feature in Degree Works that will allow you to make a long-term plan for degree completion and verify that the courses you include on your plan will fulfill your degree requirements.

Do I put courses that I've already completed on the Planner?

No. The Planner is only intended for future classes, not classes which you’ve completed or in which you’re currently enrolled.

Do all degree requirements have to be accounted for in the plan?

No. You can use the Planner to map out as much or as little of your degree plan as you’d like.

I am already a junior. Is it too late for me to use the planner?

Absolutely not. You can start using the Planner at any time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman planning your next four years of study, or a senior with one semester left. The features of the Planner will still help you ensure that you’ve identified all of the courses you need to complete for your degree.

I'm undeclared. Do I have to wait to use the planner until I declare a major?

No, but it is recommended.

If a course has prerequisites, will the Planner notify me if I place it in my plan out of sequence?

No. You will want to review your plan with your advisor to ensure that you have courses in the proper sequence. You can also review the course descriptions in the catalog for prerequisite information for each of your courses.

You can access catalog course descriptions in one of two ways. You can click the link for any needed courses that are listed in your Degree Works worksheet, and a new window will open with course descriptions that fulfill that requirement.

Some of my requirements have many options, and I'm not sure which one I want to take. What should I do?

Pick the course in which you most likely will enroll. You can include a note in the notes section that states that you might take another course instead.

I want to take a Seminar class offered in my major. I entered it on my plan, but it's not being applied to the requirement for which I intend. What's wrong?

Topics courses require special coding each semester that they’re offered so Degree Works knows how to use them. We don’t have a way to enter this coding through the Planner. If you’re in this situation, we recommend that you place the course on your plan, and include a note about the area in which you intend to use it. Review this information with your advisor during your next meeting.

Who has access to the plans I create through the Planner?

Your advisor, as well as faculty members and administrators who have access to Degree Works, will be able to access your plans.

Will my advisor make my plan for me?

No. In most cases, students will make plans and share them with their advisors. Your advisor will be a resource for you if you have questions, and you will want to ask your advisor to review any plan you create.

How can I share my plan with my advisor to make sure that it's correct?

Your advisor can log in to Degree Works and review your plan online. You can also print your plan by using the print link in the upper-right hand corner of the planner and take a copy of your plan to your advising appointment.

Can I make more than one plan?

Yes, but you can only mark one plan as active.

How often should I update my Planner?

At a minimum, you should review and update your planner every semester before you meet with your advisor. You should also update your plan when you drop a course, receive an unsatisfactory grade in a course, or make any other changes that affect your degree progress. Once a semester ends and your grades are placed on your records, you’ll no longer be able to update information for that term. The information for that term will appear at the bottom of your plan as completed coursework.

When I view my worksheet on the Worksheet Tab, my planned courses are no longer listed.

That’s supposed to happen. Your worksheet shows you the courses you have already completed or are registered in. Your planned courses will only appear when you are in the Planner section of DegreeWorks, after you have generated a worksheet using the “Process New” button.