Degree Works FAQ

Using the GPA Calculator

What do the GPA calculators show?

The GPA Calculators (found under the GPA Calc tab) will show you your estimated GPA after you fill in hypothetical information.

Is the calculated GPA guaranteed?

No. This is a hypothetical estimate only.

What does the Graduation Calculator show?

The Graduation Calculator tool shows the amount of average grade points you need to achieve in your remaining credit hours in order to reach your Desired GPA by graduation. The Current GPA field is automatically filled in. You can use your Degree Audit to obtain the information necessary for the Credits Remaining and Credits Required fields. Once all fields are filled in, click the Calculate button. The results are an estimate based on information you enter and do not provide any guarantee, basis for academic distinction, or graduation honors.

What does the Term Calculator show?

The Term Calculator shows what your GPA will be at the end of your current term with hypothetical grades entered for your current courses. Your Current GPA, in-progress classes, and their corresponding Credits will be entered automatically. The Credits Earned So Far field represents all hours taken at Washburn University (factored into your current GPA) that have been applied to your degree plan. You may select hypothetical grades for the in-progress classes shown then click the Calculate button to see what your GPA will be if you receive those grades for these courses.

How do I use the Advice Calculator?

The Advice Calculator shows how many credit hours you need at a certain grade in order to achieve a desired GPA. Your Current GPA and Credits Earned are automatically entered. Simply enter a Desired GPA and click the Calculate button to see how many credit hours with a certain grade you need in order to reach that GPA. Advice will alert you if the GPA is not possible because too many hours would be required.