Online Education Committee

Members 2013-2014:

Tim Peterson – Academic Outreach (Chair)
Becky Dodge – School of Applied Studies-Allied Health
Iris Wilkinson – School of Applied Studies
David Weed – College of Arts & Science-English
Michael McGuire – College of Arts & Sciences-Honors/Psychology
Donna LaLonde – College of Arts & Sciences-Mathematics
Jeanne Catanzaro – School of Nursing
Rob Hull – School of Business
Creighton Miller – School of Law
Chaz Havens – Washburn Institute of Technology
Elise Blas – Mabee Library
Brenda White – Information Technology Services-Instructional Services
Sue Taylor-Owens – Information Technology Services-Instructional Services
Marc Routsong – Information Technology Services-Online Education Support

LMS Selection and Review - FY 2012-2014
OEC Vision and Goals - FY 2013-2015