Telephone System Help

Telephone FAQ

Who do I call if I have phone questions?
Call Phyllis Hoffman at 670-2308, or ITS support at 670-3000.

How can I report phone problems and any other phone issues (including moves, adds, and changes)?
Submit a phone service request form.

Who do I call to arrange phone training sessions?
Call Phyllis Hoffman at 670-2308.  New employees may arrange for one-on-one training. 

How do I get an outside line?
Dial "9" to get an outside line.

What do I dial for emergencies?
Dial 911.  There is no need to dial 9 first.

What kind of phone system does Washburn have?
Washburn's phone system is a Nortel system supporting digital phones; analog ports for faxes, modems and phones provided by students in the residence halls; and  VOIP phones in the International House.  Call Pilot provides a voice mail system, including unified messaging.  Unified messaging combines voice, fax, and e-mail into a single point-and-click "in-box" and is available for some staff members.

Can I use a phone purchased at a local retail store?
No.  Many of the phones purchased in retail stores are analog phones which are not compatible with the class of phone line assigned to your office.  If you do purchase a digital retail-purchased phone, you will not receive support for this phone from the university because the university has chosen to standardized phone sets.

Will I lose anything if I unplug my phone?
No, but do not try to plug your phone into another phone outlet other than the one originally assigned to you.  If you need to move your phone to a different outlet, complete a phone service request form.

I need a longer (or shorter) phone cord (wall-to-phone or curly).  What should I do?
Purchase phone cords individually at Best Buy or your choice of retail stores.

If I move offices, will I be able to keep the same phone number?
As long as you continue to use a digital phone in your new location, you will be able to use the same phone number.

Are the handsets hearing aid compatible?
Yes, all handsets are hearing aid compatible.

When dialing off campus, what displays on caller id?
Your actual phone number and/or "Washburn University" and/or "unknown" will display.  Your name will NOT be displayed.

We program the phone system to provide for unlisted numbers where appropriate. In these cases, the department phone number will display rather than the individual's phone number.

When dialing an on-campus extension, what displays on caller id?
Your name and extension will display on caller ID.

When receiving a call, what will I see displayed on my phone set?
You will see the caller ID of the person making the call, unless they have their number blocked.

Are Washburn's phone numbers published off campus?
University departmental offices are listed in the AT&T Phone Book white pages business section.

Can extensions be blocked from displaying?
Yes.  We can program the phone system to provide for blocking extensions where appropriate.  However, blocking extensions also has the effect of blocking phone numbers off-campus, making it impossible for some of your calls to go through. Thus, it is not recommended.

How do I request a calling tree?
Submit a phone service request form.

How do I request a change from a M3902 (single-line phone) to a M3904 (multi-line phone)?
Submit a phone service request form.  Your department will be charged for the upgrade.  Call Phyllis Hoffman at 670-2308 for prices.