Online Education Support

Desire2Learn Technical Tips

Here are a some tips to help you have a successful Desire2Learn experience this semester. If you have questions or need additional support, please contact Online Education Support by emailing anytime or by calling 785-670-2381.

  1. Increase your MyWashburn Timeout Setting by logging in to your MyWashburn account and clicking on the My Account link in the upper left corner. Click on the "minutes" drop down under Change Timeout and select a new value. Select a time that is long enough for you to accomplish what you need to in your Desire2Learn course, yet short enough to expire your session if you forget to log out. Online Education Support recommends 120 minutes if you regularly access your account on a public computer (labs, kiosks, libraries, etc.) and 480 minutes if you almost always access your account on a personal computer. Click the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner of the page when finished.

    NOTE: We recommend composing lengthy mail messages, discussion posts, or assignments in an offline editor such as MS Word or Notepad before copying and pasting the text into Desire2Learn. Doing so helps prevent loss of work if timed out or disconnected from Desire2Learn.

  2. Technical Specifications for computers when using Desire2Learn, Respondus, Respondus LockDown Browser, or Respondus Monitor

Online Education Support strongly recommends using a desktop or laptop computer for taking or building any Desire2Learn course.  Mobile devices are used primarily for viewing materials in Desire2Learn. 

Supported Native Browsers
Windows:  Internet Explorer 10 or 11
Mac:  Safari (latest version)
For both Macs and Windows machines, an additional browser is recommended.

Supported Alternate Browsers
Firefox (latest version)
Chrome (latest version)

Operating Systems
Windows:  Windows 7 or Windows 8
Mac:  OSX (latest version)

Mobile operating systems tablet/phone
Android (latest version)
iOS (latest version)

Desire2Learn Faculty and Student training is located within Desire2Learn.  Access Desire2Learn and go to your My Home.  Select Help.  In the drop-down menu you can access: Training and Orientation, FAQ, Student Help, and Faculty Help.

If you have questions regarding this information please contact Online Education Support by emailing anytime or by calling 785-670-2381.