MyWashburn Info



Washburn University assigns MyWashburn accounts to an employee when hired by the university or to a student when admitted to the university.

  • There is one MyWashburn account per individual.
  • A MyWashburn account is for use ONLY by the individual to whom it is assigned.
  • E-mail account information is the same as MyWashburn account information.
  • To retrieve account information use the Retrieve Account Information link available at

Account De-activations

After multiple unsuccessful login tries, an account is disabled. To reactivate the account, contact or call ext. 3000.

Washburn University de-activates a faculty/staff MyWashburn account upon termination of employment with the university.

MyWashburn accounts for students remain active for 2 years beyond graduation or separation from the university.


Security is important to protect e-mail and calendar entries and university data accessed through MyWashburn.

  • Passwords must change every 180 days to a new password.
  • Passwords must contain at least one alpha and one numeric digit.
  • Password may be from 8 - 20 characters long.

Change your password at any time through the My Account link on the left of the MyWashburn navigation bar. Do NOT share your MyWashburn password with anyone else.

Groups Policy/Procedures

Policies and procedures exist for both restricted and public MyWashburn groups.

To view these policies, log in to MyWashburn. After selecting the Groups icon, select Groups Policy or Membership Policy at the bottom of the Groups Index page.

Content Policy/Procedures

Policies and procedures related to targeted announcements and contribution to the "channels" available in MyWashburn appear in the "Contribute Content to MyWashburn" document on the Technology Support tab of MyWashburn.