Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (B.A.)

The 36 hour major in Communication is designed to provide understanding in communication theory, research, and skills for application in the areas of law, organizations, politics, and health.

Required Courses (18 Credit Hours)

CN 101 Principles & Practices of Human Communication
CN 150 Public Speaking
CN 302 Communication Theory
CN 304 Qualitative Communication Research Methods
CN 305 Quantitative Communication Research Methods
CN 498 Senior Capstone (3 credit hours)


Emphasis Courses (3 Credit Hours)

CN 306 Health Communication
CN 307 Legal Communication
CN 308 Organizational Communication
CN 309 Political Communication


Supporting Courses (12 Credit Hours)

Skills: (6 hours)
CN 330 Communication in Conflict and Negotiation
CN 340 Interviewing
CN 341 Persuasive Speaking
CN 342 Small Group Communication
CN 365 Business an Professional Presentation
CN 370 Communication Training and Development
Theory: (6 hours)
CN 350 Persuasion
CN 351 Interpersonal Coummunication
CN 361 Social Movements
CN 363 Intercultural Communication
CN 364 Gender and Communication
CN 366 Nonverbal Communication
CN 369 Critical Studies


Elective Course (3 hours)

Students must also take an elective of 2 or 3 credit hours. Any additional supper level course offered by the Communication Department may be counted as an elective.