Degrees and Certificates

Technology Administration (BAS)


Major - Integrative Core Courses

A. Technology Core

Required Courses - 18 credit hours

            TA300 Evolution and Development of Technology 
            TA310 Technology and Society 
            TA320 System Design, Assessment and Evaluation 
            TA330 Safety Analysis and Quality Assurance 
            TA400 Technology Administration 
            TA420 Technology Project - Capstone

Professional Development - 6 credit hours 
Select two from the following or other arrangement with advisor:

            TA340 Technology Policy 
            TA360 Independent Study 
            TA370 Internship 
            TA380 Technology and the Future
            TA381 Technology and Ecology
            TA390 Current Issues in Technology

A. Administration Core

** Required Courses - 15 credit hours

            BU250 Management Information Systems or equivalent database course
            AC224 Financial Accounting or equivalent accounting course
            BU360 Marketing or BU 342 Organization & Management
            BU345 Human Resources Management 
            BU342 Organizational Behavior

Correlate Courses (Required)

            EC200 Principles of Macroeconomics 
            EC201 Principles of Microeconomics

Must select two from the following: - 6 credit hours

            300/400 level business courses
            300/400 level public administration courses
            300/400 level technology administration courses

Applied Technology/Science

Associate degree major courses - up to 48 credit hours

University Requirements - 11 credit hours

            EN101 Freshman Composition 
            EN300 Junior Composition  (offered in PLAN 2+2 Program also) 
            MA110 Exploring Mathematics or MA116 College Algebra

General Education

            Social Science - 12 credit hours  (To include micro & macroeconomics) 
            Natural Science and Mathematics - 12 credit hours 
            Humanities - 12 credit hours (at least 3 hours in  Arts, Music, or Theater)


Credit hours according to the student needs

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