Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) with Teacher Licensure

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Teacher Licensure is a degree consisting of sixty-five (65) credit hours in Art plus forty-four (44) hours in General Education and thirty-one (31) hours in the Department of Education. Each B.F.A. candidate in Art Education must complete the following required courses:

AR 101 Survey of Art History I (3) 
AR 102 Survey of Art History II (3) 
AR 120 Design I: 2-D (3) 
AR 121 Design II: 3-D (3) 
AR 131 Basic Digital Art Media (3) 
AR 140 Drawing I (3) 
AR 141 Drawing II (3) 
AR 219 Intro to Printmaking (3) 
AR 223 Graphic Design I (3) 
AR 240 Painting I (3) 
AR 260 Ceramics I (3) 
AR 262 Sculpture I (3) 
Workshop (3) 
AR 300 Art Criticism (3) 
AR 340, 342, or 345 Painting Elec.
AR 3xx Upper division art history (3) 
Art electives (6) 
AR 380 Elementary Art Ed (3) 
AR 381 Craft Techniques (3) 
AR 382 Meth/Phil Art Ed ( 3) 
AR 400 Senior Exhibit (1) 
AR 402 Art Forum (1) 
=65 hrs

Students must maintain a 2.8 GPA in the major throughout this program. Students must follow the degree requirements for General Education required by the department of Education and be formally 
admitted to the University's Professional Teacher Education Program. For admission requirements, see EDUCATION. BFA with Licensure students must also meet admission requirements to the B.F.A. program.

Students seeking a B.F.A. degree must apply for admission to the B.F.A. Program (sophomore level)

Senior exhibition is an exit requirement for the BFA with Licensure, 
and must be completed during the senior year.