History Department


Welcome to the History Department

Why Major In History At Washburn?
At Washburn University, the study of history offers numerous exciting advantages.  All classes are small and the vast majority, are taught by full-time faculty who hold doctoral degrees.  Students in both introductory and upper division classes get to know their professors on an individual basis.

Why Study History?
Are you curious about the lives of women and men in other times and in other places?  Do you like reading, writing, talking and thinking about the complex influences of the past on the present?  Do you enjoy spending time in the library?  If these are true, Washburn's History program may be for you.  Curriculum is designed to engage students in the study of the past through a variety of methods.  While learning about the people, events and ideas of the past, history students will develop the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, effective writing and leadership.

Recent history majors have pursued successful careers in education and research, government, journalism, law, military service, the ministry, museum administration, private business, public service and sales.  The study of history at Washburn emphasizes a breadth of knowledge and skills rather than a narrow specialization.  Leaders in American business and professional life are intensifying their plea for universities to teach their graduates to read effectively, write clearly, reason logically and analyze problems within a broad context.  The Washburn history program provides graduates with the necessary skills to be leaders in our contemporary global economy and culturally diverse society.